Core Technology

1Crime prevention and disaster control camera system to track sound source and fire
  • Real-time data processing and performance monitoring technology based on sound source and flame type analysis
  • SW algorithm technology detecting sound source and flame
  • Vacuum photodiode sensing technology and sound analysis technology to detect ultraviolet rays(Noise bias tracking, Noise cancelling algorithm analysis, etc.)
2Harmful Birds and AI Repeller System
  • Designed for Both WiFi and BLE wireless communication, remote control and real-time alarm signaling algorithm.
  • Designed for Low power control circuit design and implemented operation algorithm
  • Multiple reflection design and smartphone application interlocking technology
3IoT-based control system against greenhouse crops' disease and insect pest using Big Data Sound            Technology
  • Analysis algorithm technology based on sound control technology according to each greenhouse crop
  • Analysis technology suitable for greenhouse crop’s environment and implementation of processing and collection of big data according to each greenhouse crop’s disease and insect pest