Smart Scarecrow (Wildlife Repeller)

Harmful wildlife animals repelling system in order to effectively repel wild boars, deer, magpies who heavily impact on agricultural produce and fruits, and wild birds who are medium of AI.
1Real time repelling effect over harmful animals and potential AI medium birds
  • Strong and powerful voices inside ( many natural enemies, sound effect)
  • Various sound control and ultra sonic radiation
  • Strong LED light emission
2Advanced algorithm that interrupts the target from studying effect
  • Auto detecting and setting for real time effect
  • Applied big data technology that reflects the ecological characteristics of the target
3Low power consumption and wide area coverage
  • Two power sources : 220V and solar power
  • Coverage : 2,500㎡ ~ 10,000㎡ per 2 sets
4Easy Installation and maintenance
  • Easy to assemble by oneself
  • Automatic operation mode setting : sound, time, repeat period
  • Manual setting : stand by mode (normal) and operating mode (when detected)
  • Remote control function through smart phones
Installation configuration
Smart Scarecrow

Effective coverage Area

Smart Scarecrow

System installation distance

  • Rice field

    Rice field

  • Crops


  • Orchard


  • Poultry farm

    Poultry farm