ANYLINE Modem (2 wire communication modem)

  • ANYLINE Modem stands for “Telephone Line Communication”, which enables high speed data transmission through telephone cables. Besides Telephone cables, any types of copper cables such as coaxial cables, speaker cables, and UTP cables can be applied.
  • Maximum date transmission speed is over 200Mbps.
  • Maximum transmission distance (range of coverage) is 1.2Km. (cf. Ethernet networking is limited to 150m.)
  • ANYLINE Modem can save network construction cost dramatically as it can utilize existing copper cables already wired.
Network Configuration
Model MODEL : MI-100 MODEL : MI-200
Main Chipset OFDM MODEM chip
Network Interface RJ-11 / BNC(75ohm)
LED Power, ACT, LAN1, LAN2
LAN Switch 10/100 2 port Switch
PHY Rate 85Mbps 200Mbps
Frequency Bandwidth 4-22Mhz 2-30Mhz
T-Bridge Throughput (Max) 30Mbps 85Mbps
Channel Access CSMA/CA
Cables CPEV / TIV / Coaxial / Speaker Calbes
MacAccess Node 7 Node
Power Supply 110~220V, 50~60Hz
Power Consumption 5W (Mac)
Adapter 5V/2A
Dimension (W*D*L) 110mmx25mmx84mm
  • IP CCTV installation
  • Video Ad System
  • Vessel Network
  • Power Plants and Factories